Karol Tapia de Moya

ATA-Certified English-to-Spanish translator

Language solutions for your clinical research, healthcare, and psychology content

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More than medical translation

You need more than just a translation.

You need solutions that help you convey your message loud and clear to a global market of over 496 million Spanish speakers.

I provide a bespoke service that will ultimately save you time and money, freeing you up to focus on other strategic objectives. Whether that’s getting published, ensuring you have well-written clinical trial documentation for your patients and study staff, or making sure your test adaptation is as good as it can be.

That’s all thanks to my background as a healthcare professional teamed with my experience and specialist training in English-to-Spanish medical and psychology translation.


Highly specialized disciplines call for highly specialized translations.

Those working in health and behavioral sciences will be well aware of the strict guidelines that need to be complied with. They also know that the stakes are high, so any translated content must be of the highest quality.

And not just any translator will do. You need more than a medical translator. You need a translator specializing in your specific fields.

I specialize in clinical research documentation, psychometric assessments, clinical psychology and neuropsychology, and the localization of website and app content—all fields with a particular context and rigorous requirements to follow.

Compliance with these requirements underpins all translated documents, whether they’re:

  • Tests for clinical or educational aims, or for human resource management
  • Clinical outcome assessments for clinical research
  • Patient-facing documentation
  • mHealth technologies
  • Medical device instructions
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Why work with me?

I’m Karol Tapia de Moya, a psychologist-neuropsychologist and translator with over 13 years of combined experience. I help clients looking for medical and psychology translations communicate their message to the Spanish-speaking world.


Highly specialized

Certain translations call for certain translators. And finding a subject-matter specialist who’s also a linguist is no mean feat. I’ve devoted myself to my specializations, not only as a translator but also as a healthcare professional.


High degree of intercultural awareness

Thanks to my personal, cultural, and educational background, I understand the subtleties in different Spanish variants, and the contexts on both sides of the Atlantic.


Certified translator

I’ve been certified by the American Translators Association through an exam with a pass rate of less than 20%. I’m also part of several other professional associations, related to both translation and psychology.


Flexible, professional, and reliable

As a professional, I’m always there for my clients to make sure we’re on the same page and provide them with real solutions.

Your solutions

What my clients

are saying

Karol has served as our firm’s translator for many years. Our firm works in diverse communities around the U.S. and every time, her translations have been perfect! We regularly have to ask local Hispanic/Latinx leaders to review the translations, and they have always been rated as A-plus work! Karol’s response to any job is swift and efficient, and she has many times helped us out with emergency projects. She is most professional, and we will continue to work with her as long as we can! Thank you, Karol!”

Linda T. Flynn

Ph.D. Partner

Cultural Planning

I have been working with Karol for a long time and I can say she is a very professional linguist. She is very easy to work with and her translation work is impeccable. I definitely recommend her translation services to anyone looking for a detail-oriented and responsible English/Spanish translator.”

Denisse Geler

Project Manager

Green Translations

Karol is an outstanding translator. She is excellent at localizing content to match the audience and her service is perfect. I have worked with Karol for over 7 years now and she takes care of all our Spanish translations, both LaTam and EU and she is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Michelle Diamond

Owner and COO

Writing Sense

Fantastic work, everything went as expected. Karol went beyond my expectations by providing superb ideas as a co-writer of my book. Muchas gracias, Karol!”

Oscar Segurado

NEO Chi Institute

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