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Translation review, editing/proofreading, and language consulting

You already have a Spanish text, but need to make sure everything is up to par and that it’s going to be appropriate, not only from a linguistic angle, but also a cultural one.

This is even more important when the texts have to follow specific considerations, like when they’re related to medical or healthcare topics, when they appear on websites or apps, or when they’re part of tests and assessments.

It’s possible your text already checks out regarding terminology and content because it’s been written by subject-matter experts, but you still want to make sure it shines and fulfills its aim.

For this, you need a guarantee of its excellency from a linguistic standpoint. After all, nothing damages your reputation in the eyes of your readers, users, patients, and potential clients as much as typos, convoluted sentences, lack of cohesion, inadequate terms, or confusing writing.

If we work together, I can also offer an external review from a second reviewer (on request) for extra assurance and compliance with ISO 17100:2015 workflow.

What you need

  • • To make sure your text is on point linguistically.
  • • To rely on a Spanish specialist to make language decisions.
  • • Reassurance that your texts are fulfilling their communicative objectives.
  • • Peace of mind there are no blatant errors that affect your credibility, or phrasing that could be misunderstood and cause potential damage.

How I deliver

  • • Specialized training in editing, reviewing, proofreading, and language consulting.
  • • Multicultural background and training.
  • • Eye for detail and consistency.
  • • Use of quality control tools.
  • • Advanced use of MS Word and .pdf features.
  • • Membership of relevant editors’ associations and professional networks.

Karol is always very professional and replies to my requests quickly. In addition to translation and proofreading, I have also asked her to provide feedback regarding former translations and her replies indicated to me that she is well educated and trained in linguistics and has a strong foundation of grammar rules. I am happy to continue working with her.”

Safa Sofia Ghnaim

Localization Coordinator

Karol gets it and understands the big picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. Recommendations were beyond what I knew that I needed and I appreciate that very much.”

Amy Vest

Live for Life Media


Monolingual and bilingual review, editing, and proofreading

Regardless of whether your Spanish material was originally written in Spanish or in English, I can help you correct, standardize, and streamline it, producing content that’s fit-forpurpose, cohesive, coherent, and error-free.

I can help you with:

  • • Ensuring the style is consistent throughout
  • • Adapting texts to your required standards (e.g., bias-free language)
  • • Eliminating errors
  • • Conforming to the spelling and grammar standards of the Spanish language

If your material has been translated into Spanish, it also needs to be checked against the English source text to ensure it’s a faithful rendering of the original.

Language consulting

Need help making sure your texts are hitting the mark? Then you need language consulting. I’ll help you make sure the text is effective and fulfills your communicative needs.

On top of that, I’ll help you decide whether big changes are needed, check that the visual elements work in your website or app, advise on genderneutrality, and suggest changes or recommendations regarding understandability in different markets (LatAm, US, Colombia, Spain).


Item editing

The job of an item editor goes beyond what a simple editing and proofreading task entails, as it calls for a solid grasp of item writing and test construction fundamentals, as well as knowledge of Spanish language standards as they apply to the assessment context.

For this, you’ll need a language specialist and subject-matter expert rolled into one, something you won’t come across very often.

Linguistic review of clinical texts and measures

Sometimes you’ll already have a text with diagnostic or interventional aims written or translated by clinical specialists, but you’d like to make sure it’s correct from a linguistic viewpoint.

That is—it follows the latest updates in the Spanish language and is flawless. Rely on a Spanish language specialist who also gets the clinician’s point of view.


Adaptation of Spanish variants

Your content is already in Spanish, and you’re happy with it. It’s a perfect fit for your target audience. But now you’re ready to take your product or service to a new Spanish-speaking market.

I can work from and into the following Spanish variants: Colombian Spanish, European Spanish, US Spanish, and Neutral or International Spanish.

Bibliography creation and editing

Academic translation and editing projects generally exclude amendments to citations and references, but this is something I can help you with. I can create or edit your bibliography in the most widely used referencing systems in health and social sciences: Vancouver or APA style.


Let’s make your text shine

If you’re interested in any of the services above or you have a specific request not covered here, just get in touch and we’ll discuss your unique situation.

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