Karol Tapia de Moya

English to Spanish translator

Specialized in health and social sciences translations

A full suite of language solutions to meet your needs

If you work with psychology, health sciences, and social sciences content, and you want to communicate with Spanish-speaking readers, you need to speak their language.

To ensure your message ticks all the right boxes, you need a professional who knows the subject matter inside out, but who also has a complete grasp of all the linguistic and cultural subtleties.

With my bespoke language solutions, I help you maintain the original concept behind your questionnaire items, uphold the standards expected by healthcare professionals, attract and retain new clients, and deliver clear information to patients.

Image of Karol Tapia de Moya working on laptop


My process: I translate from English into Spanish. But I don’t just convert words; I accurately convey your message and the underlying concepts.

Then I review the translation, checking for any errors or inconsistencies and adding the finishing touches. For consistency and first-rate results, I use QA tools (e.g., Xbench) integrated with computer-assisted translation software.

In your industry, some documents benefit from—or may even require—a second reviewer. I can reach out to my network of experienced colleagues to help you with this.

  • Manuals for administering tests
  • Manuals for candidates
  • Reports
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • User manuals and instructions for use
  • Brochures, leaflets, and marketing material
  • Websites
  • Patient documentation
  • Scientific articles
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Books
Books piled
  • MS Word (.doc, .docx)
  • MS Excel (.xls, xlsx)
  • MS PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • PDF
  • MemoQ (.mqxliff)
  • Trados (.sdxliff)
  • Adobe InDesign (.indd, .idml)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • WordPress
  • and more.

Karol gets it and understands the big picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. Recommendations were beyond what I knew that I needed and I appreciate that very much. Cost was not beyond what I expected. Thanks, Karol!”

Amy Vest Live For Life Media

Editing and Proofreading

My process: If your material was originally written in Spanish, I can help you correct, standardize, and streamline it, producing content that’s fit-for-purpose, cohesive, coherent, and error-free. These are some of the aspects I can help you with:

  • Ensuring the style is consistent throughout
  • Adapting to the standards you require (e.g., bias-free language)
  • Eliminating errors

If your material is text that has been translated into Spanish, in addition to proofreading it, I’ll check it against the English source text to ensure it’s a faithful rendering of the original.

Person proofreading text with markers

Karol is always very professional and replies to my requests quickly. In addition to translation and proofreading, I have also asked her to provide feedback regarding former translations and her replies indicated to me that she is well educated and trained in linguistics and has a strong foundation of grammar rules. I am happy to continue working with her.”

Safa Sofia Ghnaim Localization Coordinator

Nexon Europe

Adaptation and Neutralization

My process: Your content is already in Spanish and you’re happy with it; it’s a perfect fit for your target audience. But now you’re ready to take your product or service to a new Spanish-speaking market.

Across the globe, there are over 20 countries with significant Spanish-speaking populations. Each has its own characteristics, history, and context. Depending on the nature of your document, you may need to tailor your content to make it meaningful for your new audience. Even the most generic material requires some degree of adaptation to reflect a country’s specific legislative, education, and healthcare systems.

Translation arrows with the countries where Spanish is spoken inside

I adapt content from and to the following Spanish variants:

  • Colombian Spanish
  • European Spanish
  • U.S. Spanish
  • Neutral or International Spanish

If you require an adaptation to another specific variant, I’d be happy to help. I may be able to offer you this service or I can reach out to my network of experienced colleagues.

Karol did an excellent job of translating my documentary film transcript from English to Spanish. She asked me things I hadn't even considered such as whether my primary audience spoke Latin American or European Spanish. Her translation work is superb, she delivered ahead of time, asked all appropriate questions, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.”

Michael Sean Kaminsky Writer

Bibliography Creation and Editing

My process: Academic translation and editing projects generally exclude amendments to citations and references, but this is something I can help you with. I can create or edit your bibliography in Vancouver or APA style. These are the most widely used referencing systems in health and social sciences.

If you require a different style, just let me know.

  • APA and Harvard referencing style
  • Vancouver style
Several publications manuals

Karol helped me to apply APA standards in my Master's assignments. Thanks to that I was able to focus myself completely in the content without having to worry about applying the standards. Thank you very much, Karol!”

Maritza Osorio Guette Clinical Psychologist